Spray tanning for a natural looking tan – A professional spray tan that’s good for you.

Is now more popular than ever before thanks to our developments in product formulations and application equipment.

Gone are the days of the ‘orange’ jibes that plagued the industry, as Sienna X spray tanning now gives a gorgeous, natural- looking tan without the inherent dangers of skin damage that can result from over exposure to UVA/B rays, letting you look stunningly tanned all year round.

Just some of the reasons why you should have a Sienna X spray tan, it’s…

  • Quick – takes just 10 minutes
  • Safe – no UVA/UVB to damage your skin
  • So natural looking – different strengths to suit your skin type
  • Good for you – no wrinkles just nourishing/moisturising ingredients
  • High profile – top shows love Sienna X
  • Confidence boosting – you’ll love the way it makes you look and feel


Tonight’s the Night – develops in 2 to 4 hours

Full body spray tan – £20
Half body spray tan – £15


Tanning Treatment Prices

Treatment Stylist Senior Therapist Junior Therapist
Full body tan £20.00 £22.00 £10.00
Top up within 5 days £17.00 £19.00 £8.50
Half body £15.00 £17.00 £7.50

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